The benefits of becoming a First Aider

There are numerous benefits for you to become a qualified First Aider. It is highly recommended that you become aware of First Aid so that you are able to act promptly when unplanned occurrences happen, in the workplace or even at home.

Did you know?

First Aid and CPR Training in particular can help save lives.

With every minute that passes, the chances of survival decreases by 10% if CPR is not administered to the individual.

Our most popular courses which cover CPR are;

First Aid at Work

Emergency First Aid at Work


How can First Aid help you?

Our courses can be made to suit all industries within the UK. Having the understanding to carry out First Aid when required is an every day essential for all individuals. This can help you if any mishaps occur whilst at work or even in the home environment. Make sure you have the skills for when they may be required. From Parents, to workplace employees, our courses can benefit all attendees by giving them the skills along with a widely recognised qualifications to suit all industries within the UK.

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It ensures you First Aid Kits are well maintained

The benefit of having a First Aider along with an appointed person is that you have someone to look monitor your First Aid kit. Having an appropriate person who is able to administer First Aid when required, and complete all necessary documentation is crucial to the wellness of the your colleagues or employees. Ensuring all First Aid equipment is suitable stocked and restocked means that if there is any circumstance where a First Aid Kit is needed, the correct and crucial treatment can be administered right away.


The number of accidents can be reduced

If you have trained and qualified staff, this could help reduce the number of accidents which occur within the workplace. These members could help to ensure that the Health and Safety of all individuals remains a high priority by reinforcing all procedures. This will help reduce the risk of injury, making sure all employees remain safe whilst at work.

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