All children to learn CPR and basic first aid in School

Teaching basic first aid in schools will be compulsory by 2020.



When CPR is carried out, the survival rate of an individual suffering Cardiac Arrest will decrease by 10% every minute.

Now the government says that from 2020 learning those key skills should be mandatory for every pupil.

Future plans could allow all youngsters in England to be taught how to administer CPR, the purpose of defibrillators, and basic treatments for common injuries by the time they leave secondary school.


How can First Aid help you?

Knowing the skills and having the understanding to carry out First Aid when required is an every day essential for all individuals. This can help you if any mishaps occur whilst at work, school or even in the home environment. Make sure you have the skills for when they may be required. From Students and Parents, to workplace employees, our courses can benefit all attendees by giving them the skills along with some courses offering a widely recognised qualification to suit all industries within the UK.

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How can JWP Training help your School?

JWP Training are able to provide training for staff and/or students so that they are able to learn First Aid. All staff can be DBS checked, and fully trained and qualified to deliver First Aid courses as required. Offering competitive rates and additional resources including; guidance booklets, pocket masks, and recognised qualifications for learners.

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